St. Mark Of Ephesus
St. Marks Welcomes You

Our mission has been in witness to Christ since 1983

Parish Priest: Father James Robinson

Church phone: (781) 585-8907
Father James:   (339) 204-3074

Liturgy:  Sunday mornings  10:00 am  (followed by coffee hour)

Vespers:   first Saturday of the month 6:00 PM

    PreSanctified Liturgy Wednesdays - 6:00 PM

(one of the most beautiful and peaceful services of the year!)
pot luck afterwards - don't worry if you don't bring food - It's OK!

please see updates below (scroll down) !!!!!


Annunciation Service - March 25th at Maynard OCA Church 9:30 AM
(this is their Feast Day and the Bishop will be there!)
Please join us from St. Marks celebrating there!
(there will be no evening service at St. Marks)

Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church
15 Prospect Street
Maynard, MA


We are looking for straw/wicker type baskets for a fundraiser - see Nancy Haddad 781-582-0150


Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who have been bringing food for those in need!  

Subdeacon Gregory brought a full car load to the shelter last week!!

Please bring what you can - when you can!!!

Lenten DInner


Please join us for our fifth annual Lenten Dinner

Last day to reserve/pay - Sunday 3/22/15!!!!


Friday March 27th - 5 to 8 PM 

$15  per person 

Menu:   Salad/roll/butter - Baked Haddock - Rice Pilaf - Green Beans - Dessert/Beverage 

Please call George Haddad for more info or to reserve tickets

(781) 582 - 0150

 All are Welcome!!!





Easter Flowers

Please consider donating in memory of or to honor someone living


Pascha/Easter flowers

to decorate our church 


(no fixed amount of donation required)


you can send a note to or see Cookie Bakas or Nancy Haddad

care of - St. Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Church

261 Main Street

Kingston  MA   02364


Please indicate the names of who it is in memory of (departed) or in honor of (living)

Holy Week Services

April 4         Saturday        Lazarus Saturday  Liturgy                    10:00 AM

April 5         Sunday          Palm Sunday         Liturgy                    10:00 AM
                                         short play written and performed by Church School children

April 7         Tuesday         Holy Tuesday        Bridegroom Matins   6:00 PM
                                          (watching and waiting for the Lord to arrive)

April 8        Wednesday    Holy Wednesday   Holy Unction            6:00 PM 
                                          (healing service)

April 9         Thursday        Holy Thursday      St. Basil Liturgy      10:00 AM
                                                                        Passion Gospels     6:00 PM
                                          (these services recall the Washing of the Disciple's feet, the Betrayal,
                                            the Last Supper, and Christ's Vigil in the Garden)

April 10        Friday             Holy Friday          Royal Hours            10:00 AM
                                          (retells the story of Christ's Passion)
                                                                        Vespers                    3:00 PM
                                          (Plaschanitsa of Christ's Body is taken to the Tomb)
                                                                        Lamentations            6:00 PM
                                          (We lament Jesus' undeserved death for our salvation - 
                                            With both sorrow and joy we sing the Praises to him -
                                            Plaschanitsa/Winding Sheet is carried around the Church)
                                                                        all night Vigil               8:00 PM
                                          (We keep Vigil in the Church at the side of the Crucified Christ)

April 11       Saturday        Holy Saturday       St. Basil Liturgy      10:00 AM
                                          (This is the Blessed Sabbath - a day of strict fasting -
                                            but a day of hope and waiting - Today's Liturgy anticipates
                                            The Resurrection and includes readings from the Old Testament)
                                                                       Paschal Compline     11:30 PM
                                          (please arrive before 11:15 PM- acolytes before 11:00 PM)
                                                                       Paschal Matins and Liturgy   midnight
                                          (followed by the Blessing of the baskets - We celebrate the
                                            Lord's Glorius Resurrection!)

April 12       Sunday          Christ is Risen! - Truly He is Risen!    Agape Vespers    2:00 PM

Thoughts for Lent

14 New Year’s Resolutions for Orthodox Christians

 By Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick

  Around this time of year, many people start thinking about ways they can change for the better.  While New Year’s resolutions are not particularly a feature of the Orthodox faith, change certainly is, and resolving to change based on times and seasons is certainly part of our liturgical tradition.  So adapting the cultural custom

 of  New Year’s resolutions to become a better Orthodox Christian seems perfectly fine to me.  Anyway, here are some suggestions for Orthodox Christians resolving to change for the better in the New Year, things every Orthodox Christian can do.

 1.   Get serious about coming to church (more).  While many who read this are no doubt every-Sunday attenders at church, it is statistically true that only 26% of Orthodox Christians in America come to church weekly (the statistic is drawn from people who are actually involved in parish life, not from anyone who was ever baptized Orthodox).  There are probably some good reasons out there, but most of those 74% almost certainly do not have good reasons.  If you’re not serious about coming to church weekly, it’s time to get serious.  This is eternal life we’re talking about, not a religious club.

 2.   Come to church on time.  It’s kind of an in-joke that Orthodox people are always late to church.  But why is that?  We too often accept the excuse that we function on “Greek time” or “Syrian time”, etc. but even Greeks and Syrians (and whoever else: insert your preferred culture here) seem to be able to adapt to show up to nearly everything else on time.  Why can we show up on time for work, sporting events, movies, doctor’s appointments, etc., but reserve our tardiness for an encounter with the King of Kings?

 3.   Tithe.   Giving 10% to God sounds crazy to a lot of people, but the reality is that it’s actually totally normal for many Christians-even for generations.  Orthodox people in the U.S. aren’t used to tithing or even giving some percentage, mainly because many of their forebears across the sea gave to their churches just by paying their taxes.  That doesn’t work anywhere in the English speaking Orthodox world.  Other parishioners inherited a system based on union dues.  Meanwhile, you are probably spending a lot more just on cable TV. Or internet access.  Or your smartphone.  Or eating out.  Or coffee.  Or a lot of other things.  But the most important thing about pledging and tithing is not about meeting parish budgets.  It’s about worship.  Your heart is where your treasure is (Matt. 6.21).  Where’s your treasure?  Follow the money, find the heart.  If you’re not up for 10% yet, then try 8%.  Or 6%.  Or whatever.  But go on record, and get disciplined about giving.

  4.   Pray at home.  Even if all you do is say the “Our Father” when you wake up (saying it three times a day is the most ancient known prayer rule), you will notice a change in how you think and feel about your faith. Oh, and parents?  It will have a huge impact on your kids.  Watching parents pray at home and (in time) joining them in that prayer is one of the biggest contributions that kids can receive toward their long-term spiritual viability.  If you don’t bring the faith home, you can forget about it mattering in the long run, either for you or your kids.

 5.   Sing along at church.  The choir and chanters are there to lead you in prayer, not to entertain you or pray instead of you.  Yes, it is possible to pray with them silently, but there are few things more spiritually invigorating than singing your prayers.  So if you’re able you should.

  6.  Memorize a psalm.   Memorizing Scripture is a great thing for many reasons, but psalms are especially powerful, because they are all prayers.  Pick your favorite one to memorize.  Lots of Orthodox love Psalm 50 (“Have mercy on me. O God…”).  But there are plenty to choose from.  Pick a short one or a long one.  Just make it your own.  Try praying it every day.

  7.   Encourage your priest.   Yes, he should be willing to do his job without getting any encouraging words.  And many priests do.  You don’t have to shower him with compliments.  Just tell him that what he’s doing matters to you. 

  8.  Invite someone to church.  Did you know that 82% of the un-churched say that they would come if invited?  Did you know that only 2% of church members invite someone to church in a given year?

If your parish is dying (and many Orthodox parishes in the U.S., especially in the Northeast, are indeed dying) don’t you think it’s time you invited someone to church?  If your church is healthy, don’t you think it’s time it gave birth to another healthy one?  Do you really believe that you’ve found the true faith, seen the true light and received the heavenly Spirit, like you sing near the end of the Liturgy?  Then why are you keeping it to yourself?

  9.   Visit a monastery.   You won’t believe how amazing monastic visits are until you go on one.

  10.   Read the Old Testament.   Yes, we should read the whole Bible, but the truth is that most Orthodox Christians are crypto-Marcionites – we don’t know almost anything about the Old Testament.  Marcion was a 2nd century heretic who taught that the Old Testament was a book for Jews and had nothing to do with Christians.  He was really wrong.  The Old Testament is about the thousands of years of preparation before the coming of Jesus Christ.  It is what sets the stage for His appearance.

  11.  Attend an adult education class. It’s actually kind of crazy how uneducated many Orthodox people are in their own faith.  It’s been part of our tradition for 2000 years.  It’s just that some of us have forgotten.  It’s time to bring it back.

  12.   Volunteer   Do something in your parish or in your community that benefits others without giving you any kind of material gain.  Your recognition will come from God in His Kingdom.  You don’t need it from anyone else.

 13.   Go to confession.  There are lots of Orthodox Christians who go to confession only once a year – or maybe even never.  Like people who never go to the doctor, what that means is that you think everything is perfectly fine and you need no help.  Literally, it means that you do not think you need the gift of forgiveness that comes in the sacrament of absolution.  I don’t know about you, but I’m a sinner.  I mean, I sin every day.  I have a problem.  I’m a sinner.  I need to confront my sins directly in confession.  And I want the sacrament of absolution that goes with it.  I try to go once during each of the four fasts (though I will admit that I don’t always keep my rule very well), and I always dread going before I go, because I don’t like thinking about how I am a sinner.  And then I always wonder what took me so long after I go.  It’s really a wonderful experience!

 14.   Read a spiritual book.  There are few things that gets us into another story, another way of looking at life, like a good book.  And a good spiritual book can help to retrain your mind to become like the mind of Christ.  Most of us do not have the mind of Christ.  We have the mind of something else.  Our minds are filled with distractions, necessities, and the cares of this world.  But the extended meditation on what is good and true and beautiful that can come from a good spiritual book can help to change all that.  And you know what?  That change helps to bring us peace.  And that’s something that each of us needs a whole lot more of.


Saints and Feasts for the Month

click on the words to the right of the Saint or Feast to learn more - now this opens a new windowso you don't have to hit "Back"

Mar 20   Martyred Holy Fathers who were slain at the Monastery of St Sava     info here
Mar 22   4th Sunday of Great Lent: St John Climacus (of the Ladder)     info here
Mar 25   The Annunciation of our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary      info here
Mar 26   Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel     info here
Mar 28   5th Saturday of Great Lent: of the Akathist to the Theotokos     info here
Mar 29   5th Sunday of Great Lent: St Mary of Egypt     info here
Mar 30   Venerable John Climacus of Sinai, Author of “the Ladder”     info here
Mar 31   Repose of St Innocent the Metropolitan of Moscow the Enlightener of the Aleuts and Apostle to the Americas     info here
Apr 1     Venerable Mary of Egypt     info here
Apr 4     The Raising of Lazarus (Lazarus Saturday)     info here
Apr 5     Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)     info here
Apr 6     Great and Holy Monday     info here
Apr 7     Great and Holy Tuesday     info here
             St Tikhon the Patriarch of Moscow, and Enlightener of North America     info here
Apr 7     Great and Holy Wednesday     info here
Apr 8     Great and Holy Thursday     info here
Apr 10    Great and Holy Friday     info here
Apr 11    Great and Holy Saturday     info here
Apr 12    HOLY PASCHA: The Resurrection of Our Lord     info here
Mark Your Calendar!

May 15th - Sunday - Yard Sale at the Church

Baked Goods Table - Women's Group

Cemetery Baskets for Memorial Day (from Nancy Haddad)

Please bring items that are clean and priced to the Church on Friday May 15th (from 5 to 8 PM)




 Our newly elected Council is as follows for 2015:

President:   Laura Geigle

Treasurer:   Subdn. Gregory Arnold

Reporting Secretary:   Jen Paulin

At-Large:    George Haddad

At-Large:    Subdn. Peter Condrick

At-Large:    Maria Mojica

At-Large:    Ramon Mojica


Also elected at the annual meeting were co-presidents of the Women's Group:

Nancy Haddad &

Cookie Bakas


John Wozniak & John Rusinak will continue on the Finance Committee

as well as Anna Wozniak as our auditor


Lisa Shortes has agreed to start up a Teen/Young Adult group


Catherine Condrick will take over the bookstore managing.  She has rearranged the kiosk area already and will be using the bottom half of the bookshelf in that area as a lending library.




Orthodox New England - January edition

Peace Garden

Please come and enjoy our Peace Garden behind the church - stop by and relax and pray




Saint Mark of Ephesus parish cookbook available!

St. Mark's Cookbook is now on sale!  Over 200 of our favorite recipes in an easy-to-read format!
Contact Women's Group Co-Presidents Cookie Bakas or Nancy Haddad
$15 cash or check made payable to: "St. Mark's Women's Group"


St. Mark’s Ministries  2015

If you are interested in serving the church, please contact the names listed below:

Clergy: Major Orders:

Pastor: Fr. James Ransford Robinson

Fr. John T. Bacon, retired Archpriest, attached to St. Marks

Fr. R. Antony Gori, retired, attached to Chelsea church

Fr. Vasily Gilbert, attached to Holy Annunciation, Maynard

Fr. John Bernardi, attached to St. Marks, resides in Arizona

Protodeacon Nicholas Drobot, attached to Norwich, CT, ROCOR


Minor Orders:

Subdeacon Gregory (Douglas) Arnold

Subdeacon Shell Shortes

Subdeacon Peter Condrick

Subdn. Nicholas Vantangoli

Reader Daniel Bacon (Diocesan Council Member)



Lawrence Reardon, Evan Shortes, Nicholas Haddad, Simon Margitich, Peter Rusniak, Nicholas Williams, George Williams


Parish Council:

President: Laura Geigle

Treasurer: Subdn. Gregory Arnold

Secretary: Jen Paulin

At Large: George Haddad

At Large: Subdn. Peter Condrick

At Large: Maria Mojica

At Large: Ramon Mojica


Finance Committee:

John Wozniak

John Rusinak



Anna Wozniak


Choir Director: Gina Margitich (please speak to Gina about joining the choir)

Substitute Directors: Lisa Shortes, Laura Geigle, Susan Homyk (summers)


Church School Director: Jen Paulin

Assistant: Julie Sutton


Teen Group Committee Chair: Lisa Shortes


Women’s Group Co- Presidents: Cookie Bakas & Nancy Haddad

                                        Secretary: Nancy Haddad

                                        Treasurer: Diana Masood


Webmaster: George Sowpel


Bookstore Manager & Lending Library: Catherine Condrick


Sacristan/Mower: Mark Margitich & Simon Margitich


Vestment Care: Maria Mojica


Food Pantry Box- Subdn. Gregory & Elaine Arnold


Church Cleaners




April- ALL (Pascha month!)

May -Laferte

June -Arnold

July-Corey K.







Coffee Hour Hosts
















What is Happening



The Women's Group is meeting the first Sunday of each month right after Liturgy - All are welcome to stay and meet with them!


Please stop by the Memory Eternal section to the right for photos and to pray for of those who have Fallen Asleep in the Lord




Please send any comments or suggestions for the website to George Sowpel at






Resources to check out...

excellent short film on prayer - be sure to watch part two...

view a wonderful video featuring our Church click here

An interesting and informative article on church eitiquette can be found here:

Interesting video from Serbia - Christos Voskrese song     click here

Please look at the MINISTRIES tab on the right for ways to get involved!

A wonderful link to a good basic primer/dictionary on Orthodoxy is:

A good online Bible with commentary approved by the Orthodox Church is at

Church Cleaning List

- Margitich                   
February -               March - Haddads
April - ALL (Pacha month!)       May - Laferte           June - Subdeacon Gregory and Elaine

July - Corey K.                          August - Laura        September - Subdeacon Peter and Catherine     

October -  Lisa Shortes            November - Nancy Zotos         December - Vantangolis 







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