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+St. Seraphim of Sarov


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Payment for a Chrismation: In Thanksgiving to God, an offering to St. Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Mission should be made and all donations are greatly appreciated.


Chrismation is the name given in Eastern Orthodox Churches to the sacrament known as "confirmation". It is so called because of the holy oil, or chrism, which has been consecrated by the Patriarch of Constantinople and with which the recipient of the sacrament is anointed, as the priest speaks the words, "the seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit." For those desiring to convert and be chrismated at St. Mark of Ephesus Church, it is important to speak with the priest to discuss how the process of education or catechesis takes place. Most importantly, it is necessary for the catechumen to become a regular attendee or worshipper on Sunday mornings. In the case of unbaptized young children, it is necessary that they attend Church School for a minimum of one year with at least a 60% attendance for the year. At the conclusion of one year, a Chrismation may be scheduled.


As with Baptism, the catechumen must select a godparent to sponsor them. The sponsor must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing with the Church sacramentally. Most importantly, the sponsor should be a faithful Christian and a good example of Orthodox Christian behavior. The relationship that is created through sponsorship is a lifelong relationship and one that should benefit the new Orthodox Christian. It is traditional that the sponsor pruchases two candles for both to hold during the administration of the sacrament as well as an appropriate cross to be worn around the neck after the sacrament, an icon of the catechumen's saint may also be presented at the end of the chrismation. The candles should be about two feet long, about 1" wide and may be decorated with a small bow. Together with the catechumen, the sponsor will recite the Nicene Creed during the ceremony, a sing of his/her own continued belief in the faith of the church.



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