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Covid-19 Attendance Rules


Please Note: In light of the strict rules and regulations pertaining to COVID-19, St. Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Mission is not open to visitors at this present time. Only members of St. Mark are permitted to attend Divine Liturgy. In the near future, we hope to once again welcome visitors back to the St. Mark community. We appreciate your patience, cooperation and understanding.


1. No one shall attend who:

         a. Has COVID-19 symptoms (cough, elevated temperature, shortness of breath).

         b. Has "at-risk" pre-existing medical conditions related to COVID-19.

         c. Has any type of current sickness that makes attendance undersirable.

         d. Has not pre-announced attendance.


2. Divine Liturgy will be held twice a month every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month beginning on Sunday, July 12th.


3. Prior to services, Dan will email all members of St. Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Mission an Attendance Form. Only 20 people are allowed to attend services per each Sunday, so please make sure you fill out and submit your form as soon as possible to reserve your spot in church. Please note: without prior clearance from Dan, you will not be allowed to attend the service.


4. Each attendee will take their temperature before arriving at the church.


5. Divine Liturgy begins promptly at 10:00 AM. If you arrive after 10:00 AM, you will not be allowed to enter the church.


6. Before entering the church, all attendees must sign in with the door attendant at the main entrance of the church.


7. Please enter/exit through the front, double-doors of the church only. If you are handicapped, you may enter/exit through the ramp door.


8. Please do not enter/exit through the kitchen door.


9. All attendees will wear protective masks. Children under 2 years old are not required to wear a mask. If you are unable to wear a mask because of medical reasons, please do not attend church until you are well or when face masks are no longer required.


10. Extra masks and hand sanitizer will be available at the church entrance.


11. No food or drink is allowed in church. For sanitation reasons, please refrain from bringing unnessary belongings to church. For your health and convenience, the church will provide bottles of spring water.


12. You may purchase a prayer candle from the candle attendant who will then light the candle for you. Please bring the correct amount of cash, as no change will be given.


13. There will be no prayer list in the church. If you would like to add someone to the prayer list, please email your prayer request to Catherine.


14. Veneration of icons, the cross, the chalice, the priest's hand will be done without touch, i.e., by bowing. Attendees will not touch surfaces unnecessarily. 


15. Physical distancing of six-feet will be maintained between all household units.


16. Children must remain beside their parents at all times. Please refrain from allowing your children to wander around the church.


17. Holy Communion will be given with santized spoons. The cloth will be held by an altar server who will be wearing a mask, but mouths will not be wiped. There will be no communion line. Holy Communion will be served 1 family or 1 person at a time and a pew attendant will be present to help guide this process.


18. Prosphora (antidoron) and wine will not be offered after Holy Communion and there will not be a coffee hour following services.


19. After using the restroom, please wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. Please use the air dryer beside the sink to dry your hands.


20. Only the choir is allowed to sing. All other parishioners must refrain from singing.


21. There will not be a collection basket. Please either drop your donations/dues in the candle box labeled "Donation/Dues", or you may continue to mail your donation/dues to the church or directly to the Treasurer.


22. The loft and bookstore are currently off limits.


23. Church school is currently closed.


24. Please leave the church right after Divine Liturgy and please refrain from social gatherings inside or outside of the church.


25. Please be patient and don't be offended if a member of the council asks you to do or not to do something. In order to keep everyone safe and make sure everything runs smoothly, we may, at times, have to give firm guidance or direction.


26. Presently, the priest and parish warden will be the only people allowed in the church in the off hours. If you currently have a key, please refrain from entering the church. 


27. Lastly, if you are not ready to attend church yet, please know that we understand and that it is perfectly fine not to attend services until the time is appropriate for you to return.



The Parish Council of St. Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Mission, Kingston, Massachusetts


These Attendance Rules were approved and blessed by His Beatitude, Metropolitan TIKHON






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