Bishop Job's first visit to St. Mark's - Lent 1983

These photos are among the earliest for St. Mark's.  The community worshipped in parishoner's homes while the mission was getting started.  These photos are from the Presanctified Liturgy held in Anna MacAfee's living room during Lent 1983.  Bishop Job (Osacky) (Memory Eternal) was present.  Others pictured are Father Joseph Letendre and Deacon (now Priest) Mark Sherman.

Father Joseph conducts the service with Bishop Job (to the right). Deacon (now Priest) Mark Sherman holds the candles to the far right
Father Joseph censes the Holy Table and the Gifts
Father Joseph offers the incense to Bishop Job
Bishop Job addresses the community at the Trapeza meal after the service. Deacon (now Priest) Mark Sherman is seated to the right.