St. Mark Of Ephesus
Our mission has been in witness to Christ since 1983

Parish Priest: Father James Robinson

Church phone: (781) 585-8907
Father James:   (339) 204-3074  (

Liturgy:  Sunday mornings  10:00 am  (followed by coffee hour)

Vespers:   first Saturday of each month 6:00 PM

  Our Yard Sale scheduled for this weekend 5/19 has been moved to 5/26!

Many interesting Saints/Feasts listed below - check them out!!!





Spring 2018 Yard Sale – May 19th

Dear Parishioners,

This year the parish is again planning a spring yard sale at the parish, but with a different twist.

Alternative 1

In order to make this event financially worthwhile we would like to begin collecting items well in advance of the sale date. Your priced items can be brought to church any time on or after April 29th. The Haddads will store the items in their garage until the date of the yard sale.

We are placing a signup pledge sheet in the back vestibule and are asking for a minimum of 20 persons to pledge to bring enough items to net $50. This could be one large piece of furniture in good condition, 50 small boxed items priced at $1 each, or a carton(s) full of 100 items priced at .50 cents.  Your call.  We are not asking for a commitment of sales, simply enough items to price at $50 to insure us an inventory.

By collecting goods in advance you can begin your spring cleaning and rid unwanted items from your home now.  If you do not feel you have enough at home to net $50 we would ask you to solicit co-workers, neighbors or other family members to contribute in order to meet your pledge.

Understandably, all of the items may not sell, but at least we can be guaranteed an inventory for sale day.

All of the items that do not sell will be donated to Savers.

Alternative Two

We are accepting reservations for your own table for $20 and you sell your own wares, i.e. jams/jellies, soaps, crafts, or yard sale items and you keep the proceeds.  The church will benefit from the $20 table rental.

Alternative Three – Yardless Yard Sale Option

In the event you have a pristine home which is junk free, but would still like to help support this fundraiser,  we will gladly accept any cash donation made payable to St. Mark of Ephesus, which of course is tax deductible. No stress, no work!

Thank you for your support,


Nancy Haddad and Cookie Bakas


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May 17        The Ascension of Our Lord     info here

May 21        Equal of the Apostles and Emperor Constantine with his Mother Helen     info here   and   here

May 27       Holy Pentecost     info here

June 3        Synaxis of All Saints     info here

June 10      Synaxis of the Saints of North America     info here

June 11      Apostle Bartholomew of the Twelve     info here

June 14     Prophet Elisha     info here

June 19     Apostle Jude the Brother of the Lord     info here

June 24     Nativity of the Holy Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist, John     info here

June 27     St. Sampson the Hospitable of Constantinople     info here

June 29     The Holy Glorious and All-Praised Leaders of the Apostles, Peter and Paul     info here

June 30     Synaxis of the Holy, Glorious and All-Praised Twelve Apostles     info here





In 2018, we would like to begin a monthly remembrance of loved ones who have departed to the Lord.  If you would like to have someone remembered, please PRINT their first name on the calendar form available below and return it to George Haddad by the end of the year. The purpose of this project is to ensure that a loved one is remembered during the month they reposed, just in case you are away or can’t make it to church. 

You can print and send the calendar to St. Marks - 261 Main Street - Kingston MA  02364      or there are hard copies in the vestibule in church. 



From the North

Take Route 3 South to Exit 9 (route 3A). Take a right at the end of the ramp towards Kingston.  After passing two stoplights you will come to a fork - bear left onto routes 106 and 27.  That is Main Street. Proceed approximately 1/2 mile. After passing the Police Station on your left, our Church will be 50 yards up on your right.                  




From the South

Route 3 North to Exit 9 (route 3A)  Take a right at the end of the ramp towards Kingston.  After passing two stoplights you will come to a fork - bear left onto routes 106 and 27.  That is Main Street. Proceed approximately 1/2 mile. After passing the Police Station on your left, our Church will be 50 yards up on your right. 


The most recent version of the ONE (our Diocesean newsletter) may be found here
If you would like to receive an electronic copy of the Diocese newsletter, email Father Joshua Mosher, editor at


The drop down page on the menu has been updated with the most recent By-Laws for the parish from 2018  

The relevant OCA bylaws may be found at


Short pamphlet on preparing for Orthodox marriage     files/CrownedBooklet.pdf (175kb)

Short pamphlet on Chhurch Etiquette     files/ParishEtiquetteBooklet.pdf (96kb)

Finishing the Race (by Concilar Press)     files/FinishingRaceBooklet.pdf (282kb)


Our elected Council is as follows for 2018:

1. President- Laura Geigle
2. Treasurer-John Rusinak
3. Secretary-Catherine Samiotes Condrick
4. At Large-George Haddad
5. At. Large-Ron LePage
6. At Large-Katina Venetis Manning
7. At Large-Andrei Dubrovsky

Finance Committee
1. Nancy Haddad
2. Subdn. Gregory Arnold
3. Dan Bacon

Auditor- Elena Degtyareva Williams

Catherine Condrick will be managing the bookstore as wel as our lending library.


St. Mark's Cookbook is on sale!  Over 200 of our favorite recipes in an easy-to-read format!
Contact Women's Group Co-Presidents Cookie Bakas or Nancy Haddad
$15 cash or check made payable to: "St. Mark's Women's Group"

St. Mark’s Ministries  

If you are interested in serving the church, please contact the names listed below:

Clergy: Major Orders:

Pastor: Fr. James Ransford Robinson

Fr. John T. Bacon, retired Archpriest, attached to St. Marks

Fr. R. Antony Gori, retired (living in Maine), attached to St. Marks

Fr. Vasily Gilbert, attached to Holy Annunciation, Maynard

Fr. John Bernardi, attached to St. Marks, resides in Arizona

Protodeacon Nicholas Drobot, attached to Norwich, CT, ROCOR


Minor Orders:

Subdeacon Gregory (Douglas) Arnold

Subdeacon Peter Condrick

Subdn. Nicholas Vantangoli

Reader Daniel Bacon (Diocesan Council Member)



Lawrence Reardon, Evan Shortes, Nicholas Haddad, Simon Margitich, Peter Rusniak, Nicholas Williams, George Williams

 Choir Director: Gina Margitich (please speak to Gina about joining the choir)

Substitute Directors: Laura Geigle, Susan Homyk (summers)

Church School Director: Jen Paulin       Assistant: Julie Sutton

Women’s Group Co- Presidents: Cookie Bakas & Nancy Haddad       Secretary: Nancy Haddad          Treasurer: Diana Masood

Webmaster: George Sowpel

Bookstore Manager & Lending Library: Catherine Condrick

Sacristan/Mower: Mark Margitich & Simon Margitich

Vestment Care: Maria Mojica

Food Pantry Box- Subdn. Gregory & Elaine Arnold

Church Cleaners

January - Margitich
February - LePage
March - Haddads
April - ALL (Pascha month!)
May - Laferte
June - Arnold
July - Ed Carlier.
August - Geigle
September - Condrick
October - Haddads
November - Zotos
December - Vantangoli

Coffee Hour Hosts - Rusinak   Geigle   Vantangoli   Mojica   Robinson   Haddad   Arnold   Shortes   Kwong   Masood


Please send any comments or suggestions for the website to George Sowpel at

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view a wonderful video featuring our Church click here

An interesting and informative article on church eitiquette can be found here:

Interesting video from Serbia - Christos Voskrese song     click here

Please look at the MINISTRIES tab on the right for ways to get involved!

A wonderful link to a good basic primer/dictionary on Orthodoxy is:

A good online Bible with commentary approved by the Orthodox Church is at

- Margitich                   
February - Ron and Carolyn Lepage       March - Haddads
April - ALL (Pacha month!)       May - Laferte                           June - Subdeacon Gregory and Elaine

July - Ed Carlier                        August - Laura                        September - Subdeacon Peter and Catherine     

October -  The Haddads          November - Nancy Zotos         December - Vantangolis 




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