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Coffee Hour Schedule 2020


2020 Coffee Hour Schedule

Note: Please scroll to the bottom of the list for our Coffee Hour Q & A Section.



5 Maria M. (Theophany - Fast Day)

12 George & Nancy

19 Subdeacon Gregory & Elaine




2 Elena W.

9 Subdeacon Peter & Catherine

16 Dan & Julie

23 Michael & Irina (Meatfare Sunday)



1 Laura (Meat Fast - Cheesefare Sunday)

8 Andrew (Lenten Fast - Wine & Oil)

15 Potluck (Lenten Fast - Wine & Oil)

22 Maria M. (Lenten Fast - Wine & Oil)

29 George & Nancy (Lenten Fast - Wine & Oil)



5 Subdeacon Gregory & Elaine (Lenten Fast - Wine & Oil)

12 Elena W. (Palm Sunday, Lenten Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)

19 Great & Holy Pascha (no coffee hour)

26 Subdeacon Peter & Catherine



3 Dan & Julie

10 Irina & Michael

17 Laura

24 Andrew

31 Potluck



7 Maria M. (Pentecost)

14 George & Nancy

21 Subdeacon Gregory & Elaine (Saints Peter & Paul Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)

28 Elena W. (Saints Peter & Paul Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)



5 Subdeacon Peter & Catherine

12 Dan & Julie

19 Michael & Irina

26 Laura



2 Andrew D. (Dormition Fast - Wine & Oil)

9 Potluck (Dormition Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)

16 Maria M.

23 George & Nancy

30 Subdeacon Gregory & Elaine



6 Elena W.

13 Subdeacon Peter & Catherine

20 Dan & Julie

27 Michael & Irina



4 Laura

11 Andrew & Katherine

18 Potluck

25 Maria M.



1 George & Nancy (Daylight Savings Begins)

8 Subdeacon Gregory & Elaine

15 Elena W. (Nativity Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)

22 Subdeacon Peter & Catherine (Nativity Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)

29 Dan & Julie (Nativity Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)



6 Michael & Irina (Nativity Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)

13 Laura (Nativity Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)

20 Andrew & Katherine (Nativity Fast - Fish, Wine & Oil)

27  Potluck 


St. Mark Coffee Hour Q & A:


What are Potluck Sundays?

Potluck Sundays are new to the coffee hour rotation list for 2020. All are encouraged to bring a simple dessert or dish to coffee hour on these special Sundays. If you are not already on the coffee hour list, this is a wonderful opportunity to contribute. Please remember that all are required to help set-up and clean-up and share the responsibility of removing the trash. Please mark your calendar or check this online schedule for Potluck Sunday dates.


What do I bring to coffee hour?

All that is required is a light refreshment such as a tray of cookies or perhaps cheese and crackers. Some enjoy bringing main dishes such as soup, salad, casseroles, and/or an array of desserts, but this is not necessary. Simple is best. 


What do I bring to coffee hour on fast days?

Please do not bring main dishes or desserts that include the following ingredients on fast days: meat, dairy, eggs, oil. Some fast days may allow oil, wine and fish, so please refer to your liturgical calendar to review what is and is not allowed. Special reminder: please remember that desserts should also be fast friendly and Lenten, so, for example, do not bring baked goods from your local supermarket that include dairy, eggs, and oil. Please also remember our gluten-free parishioners. Please be mindful of fast days by checking the schedule or your liturgical calendar.


What are my responsibilities as a coffee hour host?

Detailed instructions are posted on the refrigerator, including how to brew the coffee, however, here are the list of responsibilities in a nutshell: prepare the coffee pot before liturgy begins, turn on the coffee pot after the sermon, set the table, clear the table, clean the kitchen, take home leftover food and the trash. 


Where is the coffee hour schedule located?

It is posted on the refrigerator and right here on our website


What do I do if I need someone to cover my coffee hour?

It is the responsibility of all coffee hour hosts to make the appropriate arrangements if you need to switch with someone; here are two ways to find someone to cover for you:

1. Call or email another coffee hour host from the contact list

2. Send out a general email to the parish 


What should I do if it is Sunday morning and I have coffee hour but I cannot come to church?

Contact the parish warden (Catherine) by phone or email


Thank you so very much for being a coffee hour host! Your dedication and commitment to St. Mark is greatly appreciated.





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